Henderson Historical Society A Mission Statement

The Mission of the Henderson Historical society is:
a) to create and operate a Society and Museum Building in the Town of Henderson For the storage, preservation, and Display of objects of historical Interest;
b) to acquire by purchase, Gift, devise or otherwise the title to, Or the custody and control of, Historical articles and other valuables And mementos of the development of The Henderson area;
c) to gather and Preserve books, manuscripts, documents, papers, antiques, relics, tools, implements, weapons, and other items relating to the history of the Henderson area;
d) to preserve and maintain the Museum building and the Henderson Historical Society building.
"In all aspects of its function, the Society will encourage participation of a broad spectrum of the whole community; and coordinate and cooperate with other local educational and interpretive institutions.
"The Museum will adhere to current professional and legal standards, and make use of appropriate technology in carrying out its mission."
October 1988 (resubmitted June 1994) Gale A. Clark, President Jessie Besaw, Vice President

The Henderson Historical Society is at present kept in the Henderson Free Library. The Society is in transition, however, having acquired recently two pieces of property. The building to be the Museum is located on Main Street of Henderson. It is one of the most Historic buildings in the Town, having been the Town Hall when it was built about 1830. Next it was the fire hall, and lastly the town jail. The building was donated to the Historical Society by its two owners. At about the same time, a lot was donated to the Society by the Universalist Church. This lot is very desirable for a Society building to be built. It is also beside the Universalist Church building, an old Federal style structure built in 1839. [In 1996 the HHS received the Former Universalist Church Building and property and moved In at that time making it the Museum. The Museum is concerned with the conservation of the collection and provides for storage on the second floor. The library of documents and the genealogy section will be located in the new building.

Historic collections for the Henderson Historical Society Museum date from the following periods:
- Native American Occupation before the White settlement.
- The Post-War Years, Pre-Revolutionary, and War of 1812.
- The Era of Commercial Ship building.
- The Era of Commerce and Waterborne Trade.
- Nineteenth Century Main Street commerce.
- The Villages a Summer Resort.

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